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International Logistics Express, Inc. (ILE) of USA joins 5-SLN

5-SLN is pleased to announce that International Logistics Express, Inc. (ILE) of New York, USA has joined our growing and dynamic global network.

International Logistics Express (ILE) is all about service. Providing exceptional global supply chain solutions that exceed customer expectations for more than 20 years. Sea, air or land - our capability for the physical handling of freight is complemented with exceptional customer service and with the finest standard of quality and delivery in logistical services. ILE navigates all of the complexities of customs regulations, shipping logistics and special considerations for cargo. Their website is

The 5-SLN global network now represents 253 Members with 472 branch offices in 246 cities in 105 countries with 14,000 Staff and 4 Billion USD in Annual Revenues.

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