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Calthol Clearing & Forwarding of Durban, South Africa joins the GLN Family

<p>GLN is pleased to announce Calthol Clearing &amp; Forwarding as a new member in Durban, South Africa .</p>

<p>Calthol Clearing &amp; Forwarding of Durban, South Africa joins the GLN Family. Calthol Clearing and Forwarding Agency is an organisation that offers importing and exporting, clearing and forwarding services in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Their key purpose is to provide convenient freight services, reliable and efficient forwarding to our clients. Calthol Clearing and Forwarding aims to top the freight and forwarding industry in terms of excellence in delivery. As leading Clearing and Forwarding Agents in South Africa, Calthol Clearing and Forwarding mission is to provide quality and effective business through their talented and efficient staff. The main contact is Sandra, Sales Manager. Her contact info can be found on their profile on Ernst van der Heijden, Executive Director</p>

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