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5-SLN launches "5-SLN Network Pay"

Are you tired and frustrated of paying excessive bank fees on your incoming and outgoing international wire transfers - and then also paying a premium if they involve currency exchange??

If so, register for free to join 5-SLN Network Pay the most advanced system designed specifically for the freight forwarding community!

Beneficiaries will receive funds instantly with no 1-3 day delays involved with traditional banking; no bank transaction fees, super competitive exchange rates and no hidden costs.

5-SLN Network Pay™ not only has NO bank transaction fees and super competitive exchange rates with no hidden costs but is also highly secure and uses FCA regulated banking institutions whereby the funds are member-owned just like a regular bank. Members can hold up to 25 virtual currency accounts and make payments in over 140+ currencies. There are no minimums on the amounts that can be transferred so therefore no excuses for delaying payments of smaller debts!

Once registered for 5-SLN Network Pay™ an unique "Network Pay ID Number" will be allocated to your Company. All you then have to do is advise the paying party of this "Network Pay ID Number" so that they can effect payment via 5-SLN Network Pay™. Payment can be made in any of 140 currencies from either existing funds held in the payer's 5-SLN Network Pay™ account (regardless of the currency it is held in) or by uploading funds to 5-SLN Network Pay™ from the payer's local bank account.

Once registered, Members will be able to view incoming remittances instantaneously - whether they have been current or post-dated. Once funds have been received, they can be held in 5-SLN Network Pay™ (in up to 25 currencies); transferred into different currencies; used to make outbound payments and/or withdrawn into a local bank account. Again, all without fees!

It is recommended that 5-SLN Members show their "Network Pay ID Number" on their invoices, statements and even their email signatures in order to receive funds without excessive inbound wire transfer fees. In order to facilitate this, please click her to advise 5-SLN of your "Network Pay ID Number" so that we can display it in the protected version of your Member Profile. Members will also see a 5-SLN Network Pay™ icon next to their listing in the Members Directory.

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