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The Nairobi Clearing House of Nairobi, Kenya joins 5-SLN 27 March 18

5-SLN is pleased to announce that The Nairobi Clearing House of Nairobi, Kenya has joined our growing and dynamic global network.

The Nairobi Clearing House Ltd. is one of East Africa's longest serving Clearing and Forwarding agencies. Few companies in the region can match our years of experience in the market. The Nairobi Clearing House has continued the cherished vision that our founders had back in 1968, to bring forth the efficient, most customer friendly and affordable world-class clearing and forwarding agency in East Africa. Their website is

The 5-SLN global network now represents 222 Members with 342 branch offices in 200 cities in 100 countries with 8,613 Staff and 3 Billion USD in Annual Revenues.

Submitted By: Trevor Titley