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Introducing TransferWise for savings on international remittances 19 February 18

After several months of review, 5-SLN will be launching TransferWise as a "5-SLN Industry Partner" at the upcoming conference.

TransferWise is an on-line facility that can be used for international payments in 27 currencies (other than your local currency).

TransferWise offers a significantly better currency conversion rate than available via normal banking channels and, in addition, both the remitter and the recipient save on banking fees.

To compare TransferWise currency conversion rates with those of your local bank, visit and factor in banking costs at origin and destination.

In addition, TransferWise users in many countries can set up a "Borderless Account" that allow say, an Australian Company to pay you in EUR by depositing the equivalent into "your" bank account in Australia.

To establish a TransferWise Account, simply request an invitation to join by emailing or open a TransferWise Account direct at:

Submitted By: Trevor Titley