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Bethel Logistics of Ghana joins 5-SLN 07 November 17

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Bethel Logistics of Accra/Tema & Takoradi, Ghana has joined our growing and dynamic global network.

Bethel Logistics motto "You Call We Deliver" underscores the importance of prompt delivery. Bethel Logistics takes extra measures to ensure that its client's goods are delivered to their destination safely and promptly. Since inception, the management has internalized customer support and prompt service as a yard-stick for measuring the success of its operations. Nothing is more important than customer receiving the best possible attention and our ability to offer innovative ideas to assist. Their website is

The 5-SLN global network now represents 218 Members with 347 branch offices in 204 cities in 98 countries with 7,568 Staff and 2 Billion USD in Annual Revenues.

Submitted By: Trevor Titley