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Sea Fly Services adds Bangkok, Thailand office to 5-SLN 26 October 17

5-SLN is pleased to announce that 5-SLN Member, Sea Fly Services has added its Bangkok, Thailand office to our growing network.

Sea Fly Services is a French Freight Forwarder headquartered and set up in 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand. With more than 25 years experienced staff and management, Sea Fly Services has positioned itself in specialist of transport between Thailand and the rest of the world, mostly for professional freight and is able to provide all the services required from a freight forwarder and more such relocation, packing, transit shipments between Thailand and Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Their website is

The 5-SLN global network now represents 216 Members with 343 branch offices in 202 cities in 99 countries with 7,542 Staff and 2 Billion USD in Annual Revenues.

Submitted By: Trevor Titley