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Victory Logistics of Nairobi, Kenya joins 5-SLN 22 June 17

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Victory Logistics of Nairobi, Kenya has joined our growing and dynamic global network.

Victory Logistics is an international forwarding company based in Nairobi and is a dynamic logistics provider that aims to ensure exporters/importers have a hassle-free movement of products from one region to the other. Victory Logistics offers shipping solutions to and from Nairobi/Mombasa to all destination of economic importance in the world. Victory Logistics has built thorough knowledge on the East African Logistics Market. Their website is

The 5-SLN global network now represents 214 Members with 343 branch offices in 202 cities in 98 countries with 6,840 Staff and 2 Billion USD in Annual Revenues.

Submitted By: Trevor Titley